Bloom Where You Are Planted


Happy Monday folks!  What have you been up to?  This past weekend I hung out in Connecticut.  I felt at ease even though I had never been to Connecticut (as a destination) or to my friend’s home.  Traveling to other countries and strangers’ homes has helped me acclimate to places and spaces at lightening speed.  Instead of feeling worried or anxious about new surroundings, I feel intrigued and excited to explore and experience new cities and towns.  Fortunately, this means I have more time to really enjoy these mini vacations!  Instead of feeling closed off, come out of your shell and bloom where you are planted, even if you’re only planted there for a weekend…

Friday was spent eating smoked salmon arugula rolls, drinking cocktails and wine and looking at Hartford Art School’s MFA photography thesis show.  I was able to see friends that I hadn’t seen in several years and the sweetest woman in the world (my friend’s grandmother) whom I stayed with in India back in 2012.  It was a really special night for the students and everyone who came out to the reception.

Saturday was spent out on a sunny lake and then at the MFA graduation ceremony where my friend totally stole the show.  He prepared a speech that had the entire crowd both laughing and tearing up!  He also won an award for his amazing book that he made from hand.  After the graduation ceremony, the entire class (of ten students), the faculty, advisors, and younger students partied on the lawn until the middle of the night.  I didn’t know a soul so it was really interesting to meet a bunch of art photographers (since I come from a photojournalism background) and to hear about their life paths.

Sunday was spent back at the lake house where my friend’s parents live.  We grilled food, hung out with new friends (from Utah!), went for boat rides and jumped off the dock.  As we turned the boat towards home, we saw an enormous, orange, full moon rising up over the tree-covered mountains.  It was really the cherry on top of simply amazing weekend.

I hope you treated yourself to a couple of stress-free days as well!

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