Best of the Season : Spring 2015

At the end of each season, we take a look back and highlight our favorite posts. See previous Seasonal Bests here.


Wow, spring felt like such a long season for us. We think it’s because it was a season filled with so many special events for us, most importantly the birth of Luc. We’re each hoping to fill the next three months with enough special moments that summer feels never-ending too. Wish us luck! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy clicking back through our favorite posts of winter. If you had a fave we didn’t mention, we would love to hear in the comments!


Best of Side Dishes


Best of Condiments


Best of Snacks

  • Katie’s pick : I have to base this one on how quickly they were consumed, and this season that award goes to the Sweet & Spicy Mixed Nuts. They’re also darn easy to make!
  • Sarah’s pick : Definitely Katie’s Black Walnut Shortbread Bars.  They’re actually cookies, but I ate them so often while staying with Kate that I’d like to remember them as bars. No, power bars. Yeah, I was eating healthy power bars each time I walked by the snack cupboard.


Best of Desserts

  • Katie’s pick : Homemade Nutella, which is almost gone :-).
  • Sarah’s pick : The Bulldozer Birthday Cake is an obvious winner here. I still can’t get over how quick, simple and successful it was!


Best of Drinks

liveseasoned_sp15_plant hangers-6

Best of Crafts


Best How To


Best of Nature

  • Katie’s pick : Sarah’s review of Everyman’s Guide to Ecological Living. I can’t wait until I have the time to pick this inspiring read up ~ maybe at the beach this summer? {Sarah here: that’s exactly where I picked up my copy!}
  • Sarah’s pick : I love the simple Native Bee House Katie hung up outside her home. I love thinking about the little bees she’s housing 🙂


Best of Travel


Best Around the House

  • Katie’s pick : I enjoyed writing Garden Research and now I have all my favorite sources in one place.
  • Sarah’s pick : Even though it is easy peasy, I loved writing and photographing How to: Hang and Fill a Hummingbird Feeder.  I’ve filled it three times since that initial post! I love watching all the hummingbird activity each morning before I start work.


native bee photo
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