Baking with Kids : Halloween Style

Cooking with Kids is an ongoing series where we share recipes that are easy enough to make with assistance from a two-year-old. If you’re new to the series, our first post provides detailed tips for cooking baking with little ones.

The focus of this Cooking with Kids post is all on the decorating, and in this post we give you sources for all of our fun supplies (including the spider cupcake holders!). Kids LOVE decorating treats, and Halloween is the perfect time to let them go wild. Make it spooky, creepy, silly, cute. It definitely doesn’t have to be perfect. And that’s what makes this project such a hit with big and little people.

liveseasoned spider cupcakes

I like to plan projects for us to do throughout the season, some more time and energy intensive than others. Decorating spider cupcakes purposefully falls on the easier side. It’s something that you could do on an afternoon when you want to add a little bit of Halloween excitement (and sugar!) to their day.


The Cupcakes

For these cupcakes, we used our favorite black sesame cupcake recipe. The black sesame seeds can be hard to come by – I buy mine in bulk from an Asian market, but if you can’t find them, we included a link to the seeds below. You could use any cupcake recipe, or even pick up some plain cupcakes from your favorite bakery.

We baked the cupcakes in the morning (look at those sleepy heads!)… and, as always, I let them in on all aspects of measuring and tasting ingredients. On this particular day, that included letting them taste the cocoa powder, but with a fair warning that it will taste bitter and not like the sweet chocolate they are used to. They still went ahead and tasted, and I was there with the cups of water when they needed them!

For the frosting we used our go-to chocolate frosting recipe. It comes from the back of the Hershey’s cocoa container.


spider_cupcakes9spider_cupcakes10Decorating the Spiders

Decorating treats with kids can get out of control quickly. Spills. Spilling sugar directly into their mouths. Sticky fingers. etc.

I like to contain the mess in a couple of ways. I start by giving them each their own cookie sheet or tray to work in. Then, I give them a small fraction of the decorating supplies (keeping the whole container safe and out of reach). If there were a spill, it’s small and can be contained to the tray, AND you won’t end up with sticky sugars from the kiddos double-dipping with sticky fingers.

Once everything is distributed – I let them go crazy! They can decorate their spiders however they want without any input from me (unless requested). Kids love the uninterrupted freedom to work on a project like this. Our job is to figure out how to make it happen in a way that keeps it safe and keeps us sane.


LIVESEASONED spider cupcakes supplies

The supplies used for decorating these cupcakes are easy to come by. We link to everything below, including the spider cupcake holders! You can place an order today and delight your kids with this project next week. Don’t have kids? Maybe it’s time to send a care package to nieces and nephews. Imagine getting this care package in the mail as a kid?!… Just remind their adults to pick up some iced cupcakes, and they’re good to go.


Is it an understatement to say that holidays with kids become 100x more exciting? I already loved any reason to celebrate before we had kids, but now? Now it’s a whole new messy ball game, and I love it!

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