Cultivate a Life of Travel

Traveling extensively really comes down to a few factors: time, money, and willingness.  If you’re willing, you are capable of creating the time and funds to take a trip.  If I, the least motivated money maker on the planet, can scrape together enough cash to travel to 15+ countries, you can too.  I absolutely despise […]

Travel Debacles & Advice

Today I wanted to share some of the behind-the-scenes adventures that happened on our Mexico vacation. If this post scares you off of the idea of international travel, you can go back to this post and just stare at the beautiful photo of the ocean. These are not the glamorous travel stories, rather, they are the stuff […]

Travel To New Orleans – A Day In Bywater

One day in Bywater, you say? Great! Grab your camera and your purse (or pack) and let’s go… First stop in at Satsuma for fresh juice, coffee and a bite to eat. Each morning I ordered a shot of celery and lime juice with lots of cayenne. After you’re fueled up, sift through the antiques, oddities and treasures in the […]

Travel to Bali Indonesia

Back in 2012 I traveled to nine countries in Asia. I’m starting to share all my adventures under the travel section. Want a cheap and beautiful destination? Head to Laos. Still trying to save up to travel? Here are a few tips! Also, several images from Bali are for sale digitally here. Happy Monday! Last […]

Travel Novels That Reveal Harsh Truths

While traveling, I’m always reading one, or more likely five, books at a time.  I read the following three books one after another while traveling throughout southeast Asia and while I admittedly felt extremely bummed out afterwards, I’m pleased I did.  These three works are all largely based on true stories making them all the […]

Travel, travel, travel: always on the brain.

I think about traveling every. single. day. Sometimes it’s motivating, sometimes I feel bummed that I’m not off romping around and sometimes those thoughts encourage me to search for travel jobs and update my website.  Tonight I did the later and after working a couple twelve hour not-so-exciting days in a row, all I want […]

Four Best Travel & Adventure Documentaries on Netflix

Sneak in some travel on the couch or at your desk by reading these travel guides: State College, Bangkok, & Haystock Rock, Oregon. Happy Monday chickadees! Are the birds chirping outside of your windows like they are mine? I truly hope so I had a relaxing weekend full of hikes, coffee, photos and putzin’ around […]