5 Tips For Winter Hammocking


If you’re in the northern hemisphere and it is cold, cold, cold right now, but if you still want to enjoy nature, we have a remedy for you.  Curl up, cozy up, comfy right on up in your hammock!  We’re not talking about your grandma’s macrame hammock, although those are cool too. If you’ve haven’t seen them yet, we’re talking about a more heavy-duty yet light-weight camping hammock. It’s a great way to get outside while still kind of hibernating. Let me explain.

Once you stick to these tips and jump up into your hammock, you’ll feel as cozy as a caterpillar in a cocoon.  The most important thing about having fun outside in the winter is, you guessed it, staying warm!  If you’re uncomfortable freezing your butt off you will have no fun, none! So follow these quick tips and take a trip outside, it’s time for some winter hammocking.


Seek out the sun and hide from the wind.

  • The sun is your bestie.  We all know that, especially when winter comes and we’re begging, calling, and singing to the sun.  Find a spot where the sun is shining on you, but keep in mind that you also want to find a bit of natural shelter from the wind.  See how I’m snuggled right up against those tall grasses?  They are the perfect wind buffer.  The field of high grass extended at least a mile in the distance that the wind was blowing from, which means the wind had to travel through all that way just to get to me.  You could also venture into the woods where you’re surrounded by a barrier of trees or you could find an enormous rock or wall of some type that will offer some protection.


Pack a pillow and a sleeping bag.

  • I can guarantee you will have the most miserable time if you don’t pack a sleeping bag.  I wouldn’t wish that hammocking experience on anyone.  Cold winter air is swirling above and below the hammock, but if you’re snuggled into a sleeping bag and your head is on a bed of down you’ll be comfy as a clam. That’s a saying, right?  There are hammock-compatible sleeping bags, but I usually just hang out for an hour or two so I don’t think one is necessary for this purpose.  There are also handy insulation pads.  You also can make your own with a space blanket.


Bundle up!

  • Are you sensing a theme here? Stay warm! Definitely wear some warm, wool socks and a knit hat.  You’ll be taking off your boots when you climb into your sleeping bag (obviously) so you really want to make sure you have a great pair of socks on.  Throw in a scarf and some gloves and you are all set.


Bring a warm drink.

  • You should always take water with you when you go out exploring, but in this case I like to bring a jar of tea.  I choose to pack a jar instead of a thermos or drink bottle because you can screw the lid on tight and stick it down in your sleeping bag.  If you’ve ever used a mason jar as a tea mug you know the glass gets hot, which is great in this case!  It’s just one more way to keep those toes toasty.


Grab a good book.

  • Bring along a book or really anything to keep you entertained.  After ten minutes, I promise you’ll be warm and cozy and totally lost in whatever you’re reading or thinking about.

If you’re at all curious about what gear I’m using, here you go: hammock, seriously awesome straps, sleeping bag, and pillow.

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